Expecatations, Schedule & Assembly

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The school lays stress on students wearing the school uniform on all working days. The uniform must conform to the pattern and colour prescribed by the school. There are different uniforms for games, sports and special occasions.

Attendance is a matter of great importance at Hruthvi International School, Kengeri. Absence for any reason should be notified to the Principal and a leave letter should be produced on the day of returning to the school.

Circumspect behaviour from students is expected at all times. Senior students must be role models to younger students. Failure to behave with decorum may result in severe disciplinary action.

All examinations and tests must be attempted throughout the academic year. Students with special learning problems will be given individual attention.


The school teaching programme developed by Hruthvi International School, has classes which are interactive and spontaneity is actively encouraged. Thus hands-on activity is seamlessly woven with extensive and focused exercises for reinforcement. The objective is to approach knowledge from a holistic development style, which ensures that the student actively participates in the learning process. Sports with multi-faceted co-curricular activities are woven into the daily school schedule, to ensure that a healthy body nourishes an active mind.

The school begins at 8.45 a.m. and finishes at 3.40 p.m. The school gates open at 8. 15 a.m. All students are expected to reach school before the bell rings. The school gates will be closed when the bell rings.


Every school day begins with the assembly. This helps in instilling a sense of discipline - of the body and the mind - right at the beginning of the day.

Assembly for Montessori and Kindergarten students is held every morning in the class rooms, which includes shloka chanting followed by National Anthem. Students from Class 1 and above, congregate on the school ground in an orderly manner. The Saraswathi mantra and Guru Bhrama Guru Vishnu mantra followed by the school prayer sung by them brings about a state of meditation, rendering peace and tranquility to the atmosphere. This is an ideal way to enhance the concentration much required by students and teachers alike, throughout the day.

The school song, a symbol of pride and honour for the school, is sung on the first two days of the week, Naada Geethe - "Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate" on Wednesday and "Sare Jahan se Accha" on Thursday and Fridays. This reiterates the sense of unity and belonging among the students.

A pledge and some useful quotations provide food for thought to one and all. An updating of current affairs is followed by a quiz held for all the students.

This interactive session proves to be most invigorating. A bit of commotion complements this motivating activity early in the morning.